Alain Boulet-Gercourt

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Alain Boulet-Gercourt

Drawn to entrepreneurship and high-growth companies, my path started in the US. Following a bachelor at Tufts University, I integrated a research program within Harvard's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, which reinforced my interest in Tech.

Looking to participate in an entrepreneurial project, I then joined CarGurus, a Cambridge-based marketplace in the automotive sector, where I worked on international expansion and growth of our foreign markets. These four years within a company with exponential growth, marked by a successful IPO, gave me the opportunity to tackle a variety of different topics, including build-up considerations. Interested by the latter, I decided to switch my focus to investment banking. I thus integrated d'Ornano + Co, a Transactions Services firm with a strong expertise in SaaS companies, where I honed my financial analysis skills, and subsequently joined Cambon Partners, first of all for an internship.

Investment banking is a fascinating space in that it requires a broad range of skills that go beyond financial analysis alone. As partners of entrepreneurs looking to sell or grow their businesses, we must fully understand their companies' operations and the markets in which they operate in order to translate those aspects into financial considerations. There's nowhere I would rather do this than within Cambon Partners, where the sell-side focus, tech expertise, and unique culture constitute distinctive assets