Alexandre Aymard

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Alexandre Aymard

It was during my studies of engineering that I first discovered M&A, listening to other students discussing their experience of internships. I was drawn to the idea of an environment where both your peers and your clients - some of whom may have incredibly specific demands - encourage you to quickly develop a broad range of skills.

Having completed internships in audit, M&A and private equity, I began an MSc in finance at Imperial College London. I then joined Torch Partners, one of Europe’s leading tech advisory firms, based in London. During my time there, I was exposed to a full range of transactions, both buy- and sell-side, as well as large fund raising deals with international funds. I worked primarily within the consumer internet sector, including three online travel deals.

When I first met with Cambon, I wasn’t necessarily planning on returning to Paris, however the energy of this highly ambitious team with its impressive track record convinced me to make the move. I decided to join in 2017 with a focus on cross-border transactions.

Investment banking is more than a question of following a set process; a banker must understand the dynamics specific to a given sector in order to provide relevant advice with real added value. This is why I believe so strongly in sectoral specialisation in M&A as a means ensuring the successful outcome of an operation and for the client. This culture is prevalent at Cambon: each client receives a personal, tailored approach, thanks to the team’s in-depth knowledge of the different tech sectors.