The leading solution for managing replacements joins Silae, the French payroll and HR management centaur

After announcing the acquisition of five companies since last September, Silae, the French payroll and HR management centaur, is extending its portfolio of modules to include workforce management, with the acquisition of Andjaro, the leading solution for managing replacements. Silae thus strengthens its position in the HR software market, offering a range of innovative solutions that guarantee reliability and compliance for its Partners and their customers, while ensuring their operational performance.

In a context of constant change, employers and HR professionals are looking for innovative tools to meet the challenges of responsiveness and flexibility facing their organizations. That's why Silae is now extending its offering to include workforce management. With Andjaro, employers have a turnkey solution at their disposal, enabling them to ensure continuity of service by anticipating recurring staffing needs.

Andjaro's unique expertise and market positioning will enable Silae to offer its Partners a differentiated HR offering. Employers will thus have immediate visibility of key workforce management indicators to accelerate decision-making, guarantee better allocation of resources, and contribute to employee well-being and commitment.