Baptiste Caron

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Baptiste Caron

I have always been passionate about adventure stories and great explorers. In my opinion, today's entrepreneurs are the adventurers of modern times. They do not hesitate to take risks to clear new fields, to reinvent business from scratch, and to bring an innovative vision to their market. It is this taste for entrepreneurship and adventure that led me to work in M&A and to join Cambon Partners.

In the M&A world, my background is unusual with experiences in start-ups on sales and operations positions. Those first experiences allowed me to understand how to concretely manage hyper-growth. Then I joined the innovation team of Bpifrance where I was immersed in the heart of the French Tech ecosystem. I had the chance to meet more than a hundred founders, each one more inspiring than the other, and to develop a strong interest in growing companies.

Then I decided to join Cambon Partners and its fundraising team. What I have immediately liked was the exchanges and contacts with entrepreneurs at a turning point of their adventure. As advisors, we help them to reflect on their strategic issues (launching new products/services, commercial strategy, KPIs analysis, etc.) and obviously on the financial structuration of the deal. A welcoming work environment, a proven track record, and an extensive deal flow allowed me to quickly find my place and take my marks in my new position.