Chadi Agoumi

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Chadi Agoumi

Since as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for technologies. The reasons for this sustained interest, that led me to become an Engineering graduate specialized in nanotechnology, are certainly various and complex to disentangle, but the one common thread over the years is certainly the endeavor to have an impact on the world of tomorrow.

An M&A transaction is never anecdotic. It is a key and decisive event in the life of a company, that can even reshape entire industries in some cases. I quickly understood that by standing alongside entrepreneurs and ambitious companies, and by providing them with the right advice at the right time, we could, together, make a great contribution to their respective sectors. Hence, it became very clear to me: I must be an M&A banker.

I live by the phrase of Comte de Buffon “The style is the man himself”, as I truly believe that M&A is above all a people’s business, where the “how” and the “what” cannot be dissociated for the success of deal. Cambon perfectly embodies this spirit, through tailor-made, appealing and well-thought documentation produced alongside a complete mastery of every single technical facet of a deal.

This fresh approach constitutes a true disruption within an industry that is not known for innovation. Having always admired entrepreneurship spirit, I immediately understood that I needed to join Cambon family and be part of the change that the firm is bringing to the world of investment banking. Since I joined CP, I witnessed that this entrepreneurship mindset is present on a daily basis: from the deal teams to business development to support functions, everyone at Cambon tries to reinvent itself and always tackle tasks with the most innovative, yet effective, way possible.

I am part of the London office which aims to accelerate our international push, which is at the forefront of our ambitious development plan. To borrow the words of another "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough".