Florian Grison

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Florian Grison

I studied different aspects of finance during my time at university, but M&A struck me as the obvious choice. As well as the combination of expertise required by this profession, the particularity of the M&A is the place taken in a transaction: the conductor.

I completed a first internship at Clearwater, and a second at Cambon Partners in order to combine this business and my passion for digital technology. I had the chance to continue the adventure within Cambon and was seduced by the entrepreneurial culture and stability of the team, almost unique in this business.

I specialize in the IT Services segment and my ambition is to become an expert in the field. It is crucial to know your market well; this hyper-specialization allows us to perfectly know the business models and key players, their growth strategy and thus bring an enlightened vision to our customers.

During the execution phase, I appreciate our approach: we are in contact with several players at the same time, be it potential buyers, industrials or investment funds, and also lawyers, financial auditors, strategy consultants, tax experts, etc... We must remain in tune not only with the client's needs but also with all actors in order to build something together. We have to be imaginative. Our deals are never the same, and we need to step outside the box to present things in an innovative way.