Guillaume Eymar

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Guillaume Eymar

Early on, I chose to follow this career path. I joined Cambon Partners in 2011 after spending four years in mergers and acquisitions at Grant Thornton.

Investment bankers are vicarious entrepreneurs, or at least they should be. To defend my clients’ interests as effectively as possible, I need to understand their challenges, their history and support them in their ambition. To do so requires solid sector knowledge, a competence we thrive in at Cambon Partners with a number of areas of expertise such as insurance brokerage, which I specialize in.

Investment banking is demanding and requires the team’s full implication to carry out flawless execution. The Cambon team members have a broad range of complementary skills, each contributing something unique and valuable to the table. The stability of the team proves its loyalty and attachment to the firm, as well as the pleasure to work together.

In M&A and fund raising, the tools historically used in large cap are today applied in midcap, with increasingly sophisticated financial engineering schemes. The business is becoming more and more complex, including in our market segment. But gaining an edge on our competition is not just a matter of mastering financial techniques — it’s also the values we promote at Cambon, such as hard work, perseverance, respect, loyalty and genuine care for people, clients and colleagues. I am proud to think that we bring a more human dimension to investment banking.

Our high success rate for both sell-side deals and fund raisings is the result of our commitment, energy and competitive spirit, which differs from conventional processes. Nevertheless, rigor prevails as our key priority, which is crucial to conduct a successful and optimal deal for our clients.