Jonathan Journo

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Jonathan Journo

My profile is somewhat atypical in the world of finance. Having initially earned a degree in engineering, it was a fascination with entrepreneurship that led me to M&A, while I was working in the financial department of a company being sold. Meeting the team at Cambon was the deciding factor for me: I joined the team in 2008, just five years after it was founded, and I haven’t looked back. I now work on a variety of deals, focusing mainly on the software and IT services sectors.

The most satisfying part of our work is our proximity to the clients, and the fact is that we work closely with CEOs, who are often somewhat isolated when faced with crucial decisions. These working relationships often turn into friendships. We take it upon ourselves to defend the client’s interest, and their challenges become our own.

Whether M&A sell-side, LBO or fund raising, an investment banker’s role comprises elements of finance, business and humanity. Whilst execution and rigorous methodology are important, creativity also plays a vital role. We don’t have the luxury of being complacent, and nothing is taken for granted. For this reason, we are operating at full capacity throughout the entirety of the deal, ready to anticipate the next step. Each deal’s completion is a celebration to be shared with the client.

Our methodology? Firstly we make sure the documentation and resources we produce are exceptional, as they must be attractive and compelling, whilst technically irreproachable. The next step is intermediation between parties. This requires both technical acumen and diplomacy. Finally, we must maintain contact with prospective buyers and counterparties, staying on the look-out for potential new deals and keeping track of the rapidly changing market within which growth companies operate.