Jérémy Foucray

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Jérémy Foucray

My interest in diffusing computer technologies began very early on. As early as high school, I incited teachers to use digital media in the classroom, at a time when IT was non-existent in the school environment.

Driven by the need to finance my university studies, I started my own business by creating a student consultancy within my school. While meeting my first clients, I became convinced that technology would play an important role in the success of businesses. So, I continued my studies in user experience research and design, and I learned to code.

From 2018 to 2023, I founded and managed Zetoolbox, a pioneering company in the NoCode ecosystem specializing in business process optimization and automation. This adventure enabled me to collaborate with The Family and eFounders, key players in the tech industry who dived me into the heart of the startup ecosystem and B2B software development.

During these five years, I had the opportunity to work for various players in corporate finance, VC funds, private equity, family offices and investment banks, including Cambon Partners. By analyzing their operational processes, I was able to see both the challenges and opportunities presented by the adoption of technology in this sector, which is often reluctant to change and rooted in traditional practices.

Just as I was about to close the Zetoolbox chapter, the partners asked me to join Cambon as CTO to drive forward the company's ambitious vision of setting the benchmark for modern investment banking.

Today, I'm delighted to pursue this goal, using technology to transform our practices and offering our customers a high-quality service in tune with the times. I firmly believe that by combining a solid understanding of customer needs with the most advanced technological tools, we can push back the boundaries of the industry and create the standard of excellence for tomorrow's investment bank.