Luca Caloiero

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Luca Caloiero

My favorite book is an atlas. I used to take it everywhere with me and I particularly liked to travel its roads, to get lost in it and finally to take new ones in the way of an entrepreneur.  There were a thousand ways to be an entrepreneur when I was in business school. Many of my classmates joined startups, others created their own. I chose to combine two of my interests: finance and technology, by joining a startup as an intern.

The diversity of the missions, the entrepreneurial profiles and the tech subjects fully satisfied my curiosity, allowing me to make progress. So I continued on this path by multiplying the experiences in funds and in Tech boutiques. When the opportunity to join Cambon arose in early 2022, I did everything I could to seize it and I am very happy about it.

Fundraising is a bit of an entrepreneurial adventure for me. I admire entrepreneurs who carry a mission within them and accompanying them for a short while in their journey is an honor. By joining an ambitious team that works on exciting innovation topics, I am sure to live enriching experiences both humanly and professionally.

I can't wait to find out what tomorrow will bring.