Maxime Wuthrich

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Maxime Wuthrich

The mark of an entrepreneur is, in my eyes, his ability to lead. They must be able to motivate those around them to raise their game. This is exactly what I have found at Cambon and that is what I admire about the senior management style.

Managing effectively takes determination and the ability to motivate a team to achieve a common goal, whilst also being able to challenge oneself, and in turn be challenged. Our clients are looking for a relationship based on advice, guidance and trust. This amounts to a special rapport. This brings a human dimension to the role, which I find fascinating.

Selling a company they have created is a complex process for a CEO, as there tends to be a strong emotional investment. It is not enough to simply reassure them with technical expertise, and so we have to put ourselves in their shoes. This empathy is the key to our success, and a differentiating factor at Cambon.

When I came to Cambon in 2013, it was clear to me that this was an investment bank with a distinctly different approach: the transactions are widely diverse, (sell side M&A, LBO, corporate finance), strong verticals in IT services, e-commerce and financial services, there is a feeling of team spirit, high ambitions and unrivalled deal execution. This is largely down to the expertise we hold in our chosen sectors and uncompromisingly high standards. We are able to tell a client when transaction conditions are unfavourable; it’s a matter of honesty.

The quality of the documentation we produce is another strong point. This is a point of pride with us, and can be incredibly demanding, as all documents and resources must be clear, attractive, and compelling. This is good for our clients’ image, which they appreciate.

We believe that small and mid-cap companies deserve the same level of service as larger companies receive from the major investment banks. As it grows, I am confident that Cambon will continue to provide the same level of excellence, possibly venturing into the large-cap market.