Michel Inci

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Michel Inci

Ever since I studied computer science, I've been passionate about the world of technology. I’ve had this passion since I was very young and it has driven me throughout my career. My first step into the professional world was withSociété Générale Security Services. It was a thrilling experience, where I was able to put my newly-acquired knowledge into practice and develop my skills in the field of IT security.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to join the prestigious Neuflize OBC bank as a project manager. For five years, I led teams and supervised the implementation of strategic IT projects. It was a stimulating time, where I was able to take on some exciting challenges and contribute to the development of iinnovative solutions for the company.

I then decided to strengthen my skills in the Azure cloud by working for Vinci Energies as an Active Directory Architect. This experience enabled me to explore new areas, thus enriching my career path. Today, I am proud to be joining Cambon Partners, a company that embodies innovation and excellence in finance. With my diverse background, passion for technology and expertise in the cloud, I look forward to being part of the success of this business and continuing to expand the boundaries of innovation in an ever-changing world.