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Min Liu

I joined Cambon Partners 19 years after its creation, in 2022, which is well on track to be another record year in terms of number of closed transactions. If I decided to join the team at that point of time, it was because of Cambon's singular spirit of succeeding along with its clients and collaborators. Despite its continuous success, Cambon has stayed simple and humble, able to rise to the challenge. That's why so many entrepreneurs trust it and continue to call on its services after multiple transactions.

At Cambon Partners, my mission is to contribute to the development of the Travel & Hospitality franchise, which envisions to become the reference Investment Banking in this vertical, not only in Europe but also globally, together with a dedicated team and under the leadership of the historical partner and important figure of the Travel sector Morgann Lesné. 

Prior to joining Cambon, I spent 10 years in the M&A team at Goldman Sachs in Paris, where I executed numerous large-cap transactions for corporate clients and PE funds. I was sector agnostic, having worked on TMT, Consumer & Retail, Industrial and Hospitality sectors.

In 2018, I left GS for an entrepreneurial experience, creating my own M&A structure, focusing on cross-border M&A transactions with Asia. I was lucky to come across the path of Cambon Partners and had the opportunity to work with Morgann on one of the projects.

4 years later, here I am in the team, with full space to exercise the investment banker profession passionately; and I hope to make, as all the other team members have already done, my contribution to Cambon with new perspectives and methodologies.