Mostapha Bouras

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Mostapha Bouras

During my formative years as a sell-side oil & gas equity analyst, I developed an aptitude for hard work, discipline, reactivity and technical expertise. Given the nature of the sector, which was previously dominated by historic companies, I was able to observe the emergence of new and innovative players who were able to quickly establish themselves by means of differentiation. I had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and was set on being part of an alternative business venture.

After some time working in the equity capital markets, I joined Financière Cambon in 2006, three years after its creation. At this point the firm was running under David and Michael, with the motto “an investment bank created by entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs”. The company grew steadily over the next ten years, and I had the pleasure of being its first associate. In the three years that followed, we completed several major deals for growth companies such as Easyvoyage, Diwan and Realviz. I then left Cambon in order to pursue another entrepreneurial venture, before moving into a position as CFO of an electronics company.

Having remained in contact with the Cambon team and followed its growth, I decided to return in 2016 to oversee business development and support functions. A company should always be looking for ways to improve its service, in terms of collaborative technology, global reach and expert networks, for example. Making a positive contribution to the French growth company ecosystem is equally important. A broad range of experience allows me to offer expertise and advice, helping Cambon to further establish its reputation as a as the reference M&A house for growth companies in France.