Nathalie Ramis Incio

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Nathalie Ramis Incio

Originally from Argentina and having grown up in French Guiana, I arrived in Paris in 2016 to study languages and intercultural strategies. 

By thriving in an international environment, my daily life has always been punctuated by curious and ambitious people with whom I have never stopped learning. It is thus quite naturally that I joined Cambon Partners in December 2021 as an Administrative Assistant.

The great range of missions assigned to me shows the trust that I have been granted. It is not only a wonderful opportunity but a real challenge to set foot in the finance sector with such a renowned company. Fortunately, the environment that Cambon's teams have created highlights the importance of each individual and is conducive to surpassing oneself. 

 The unique and meticulous customer experience that we strive to offer daily is the very reflection of the excellence to which we aspire.