Nicolas Saint-Pierre

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Nicolas Saint-Pierre

I started my career at PwC in Transaction Services before joining Clearwater International France at its inception, where I took part in the boutique's growth, developing its Healthcare expertise as International Head of Healthcare as well as other sectors such as Business Services.

At Cambon, I'm in charge of developing global Healthcare expertise (e-health, pharma services, care delivery, medtech, medical equipment/supplies, etc.) as well as strengthening other areas of expertise (Business Services, etc.). I have completed over 90 deals over the last 20 years in these different sectors, of all sizes and often with an international dimension.

The decision to join Cambon was quickly made when I realised that we shared the same values, embodied throughout the team:
- Conviction: Our job is to fully grasp the challenges, fears and ambitions of our customers, and to fully take on the role of “advisor” in order to provide them with the guidance they need at key moments in their lives. Our close relationship with entrepreneurs and managers also requires impeccable work and unfailing loyalty.

- Excelling: We have a taste for effort, perseverance and selfless cooperation on behalf of our customers. Always with humility, never forgetting that our role is to remain in the shadows to shed the light on our customers' businesses and career paths. We also excel outside the workplace with our family and sporting commitments. Personally, I'm still very active in various sports, and I'm also very involved in a number of non-profit and humanitarian organisations.

- Pleasure: I see our job as a passionate one that calls on a whole range of soft skills: emotional and psychological assessment of a given situation, managing pressure, stress and adrenaline, the capacity to be analytical while leaving plenty of room for intuition, etc. And on top of that, we work alongside our customers with enthusiasm, without taking ourselves too seriously!

Every day, we try to dust off the approach to this age-old profession by innovating on every front: tailor-made engineering to find innovative solutions, a corporate culture focused on teamwork and empathy, creativity in our marketing and graphics approach, integration of technology/AI into our processes, and our commitment to social responsibility through the Foundation.