Oriane Benveniste-Profichet

It was only after working for Solidworks in Boston and at PWC in Investment Management that I was fortunate enough to discover the world of M&A through my experiences at Calyon CIB and Rothschild Copororate Finance.

In my own humble opinion, investment banking could be considered one of the most idylic professions that the financial sector has to offer. Everyday I am given the opportunity to work alongside passionately devoted CEOs. Getting to participate in one of the most important milestones in throughout their  entrepreneurial career is a privilege. Due to the fact that each deal is of a unique nature, we are able to learn something new everytime. Meeting the complex needs of each invidivual client also requires a variety of skills and knowledge drawn from other areas of the finance industry such as marketing, strategy  and technology. It is this diverse skill set that fuels my passion for this work. What I particularly enjoy at Cambon is that I am able to specialize in subject matters that stem from my own personal interests. For example,  technology and software (rather ‘nerdy’  subjects to some I am sure !) are two of the areas I find most fascinating, not to mention the online food sector which is also a personal  interest!

It goes without saying that when a CEO knocks on Cambon’s door, they have a lot at stake and therefore we are given an equally important responsibility.  At Cambon, we do all that is necessary to see a client’s project succeed. This being said, we are not ones to push a deal beyond reason and know when to say to a client that perhaps its too early or that conditions are not in their favor.

Our positioning in regard to certain market growth sectors has given us clear market visibility, allowing us to understand a deal right from the start. Cambon’s knowledge on specific challenges posed by each sector along with its metrics and valuations (particularly in the digital and software sectors in which I specialize) , is a key strenth that we can offer to our clients. Another strength of ours is image control. We are as demanding about form and presentation as we are about substance. After all, quality is key !