Paul Aumoitte

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Paul Aumoitte

Having been raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I value perseverance and determination. Taking initiative, finding ways to innovate rather than following the beaten track.

This is where real innovation is born and makes every entrepreneur an architect of the futur. Corporate finance is a school of choice for developing these qualities. Its professions require the mastery of a variety of skills, both technical and human.

A taste for analysis, being at ease with orders of magnitude to quickly sort out the essential from the accessory. You must have good interpersonal skills, be able to listen and negotiate and be curious. Finance is a very creative matter that is constantly changing and evolving to integrate new issues. My career path is mainly the result of opportunities that I seized because they allowed me to keep learning and questioning myself through new encounters. Cambon Partners is one of them. After my studies at the University of Paris Dauphine and Baruch College in New York, and after several experiences in different investment banks and funds, I joined the adventure.

The expertise of each team member and the personalized approach of each case make Cambon a leader in its field. The level of sophistication of the operations combined with the dynamism and the benevolence of the teams are the source of a fast personal development in future vertical sectors. Thus, Cambon Partners cultivates values common to any entrepreneurial adventure: ambition, determination and perseverance.