Romain Dehaussy

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Romain Dehaussy

I joined Cambon Partners in 2019 after being connected with some of the partners for many years. I followed their incredible development closely, especially appreciating their human qualities. It was evident that this was the only team I wanted to join!

At Cambon Partners, I specialize in fundraising.

Being a primary advisor at key moments in the life of an entrepreneur with courage and a vision fascinates me. It is only by the means of fundraising - and therefore through our efforts - that they will take new steps in their development. The life of an entrepreneur is strewn with avoidable traps. Armed with our experience, our network and our know-how, we work determinedly to assist them as much as possible.

The selection of investors is highly strategic. We consider factors such as : human fit, refinancing capabilities, the level of support and the image of the fund. We work to make sure that these factors are in the highest degree of harmony with the expectations of the entrepreneur. This can be a challenge for advisors like us, but the results - the completion of deals and the experiences of everyone involved - are, fortunately, very rewarding.