Télio Le Brun

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Télio Le Brun

My growing interest in corporate finance emerged at the time of an internship with an entrepreneur. The rich conversations we had motive my ambition to assist CEOs as part of their strategic projects. I naturally chose to pursue my path towards M&A by joining the Deloitte CF team for an internship. This experience reinforces my desire to grow in a human, technical and multidisciplinary environment: the investment banking.

Eager to perfect my financial expertise, I then joined the Master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the Paris Dauphine University. My first interaction with Cambon came at that time especially during a fintech creation challenge, primary exposure with tech professionals. Highly attracted by this environment, the opportunity to join Cambon for an internship arose. 

Seduced as soon as I arrived by the richness and dynamism of the team, I quickly understood that the qualitative and tailored approach implement on every single deal reflected my own idea of investment banking. Cambon offers a real expertise on its chosen sectors while ensuring a real commitment of the team throughout projects. I naturally joined Cambon in order to take part in its strong development and deepening my knowledge of the various business model of growth companies.