Asphalte investment from Quadia, NACO/M Capital & Kostogri

Sustainable fashion brand raises its first round of funding from Quadia, NACO/M Capital and Kostogri

Asphalte announces the raising of €5 million from Quadia (which invested via the Regenero Impact Fund), M Capital, the regional fund NACO, and Kostogri (the investment holding of Nicolas Béraud, founder of Betclic). It was accompanied in this operation by the investment bank Cambon Partners. Thanks to these investors, the brand, which has enjoyed growing success in men's and women's ready-to-wear, is now entering a new phase of its development.

In 2023, Asphalte plans to increase its presence in Europe: after successfully establishing itself in Germany, where the brand now generates more than 15% of its sales, it intends to offer its innovative model to other countries within the EU.

In total, after six years of existence, the brand has sold almost one million items and now has 150,000 enthusiastic and loyal customers. With a turnover of €23 million, up 60% since 2020, Asphalte has succeeded in its challenge: to propose a differentiating offer, thanks to products co-created with customers, extreme attention paid to the quality of raw materials, most of which are natural or recycled, and to the durability of the garments, all of which are made in Europe. Asphalte products are sold by pre-order, a virtuous model that allows accessible prices and avoids overproduction and its harmful effects on the environment. 

Asphalte also pays particular attention to the traceability of its products and displays the environmental impact of each of its parts while working continuously to improve its impact during the life cycle of its products.