Our team is the core of Cambon Partners. Coming from different backgrounds, our employees are driven by a shared vision of the investment banking profession: a taste for excellence, a good dose of perseverance, and transparency - all taking place in a relaxed atmosphere.

We accompany our employees in their development to help them reach their full potential. We offer continuous training and individualised career paths based on meritocracy.

Cambon Partners’ purpose is to positively impact entrepreneurs and enable them to succeed in all aspects of their lives, both professionally and personally, by revealing the true value of their companies. Specialised in startups, scale-ups, and growth companies, Cambon identifies, models, and showcases the financial, market, and human potential of businesses, as well as their goodwill. Cambon upholds three core company values: Conviction, Overachievement, and Enjoyment.

We are constantly looking for talent to strengthen our team. Whether you are a student looking for an empowering internship, a young investment banker looking for more exposure or an experienced professional looking for a strong deal flow, please don't hesitate to send us your cover letter, CV and some information about yourself.