AlloVoisins lbo with Ciclad

France's leading marketplace for personal services accelerates its growth by opening its capital to Ciclad

AlloVoisins, a personal services platform that was launched in 2013, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with over 4.5 million members in France, 200,000 monthly requests, and €20M in monthly sales. It has also created a total of 10,000 full-time jobs.

The company intends to expand further with the arrival of the Ciclad Fund as a reference investor and with plans to include all employees in its capital structure. In the current economic climate, characterized by a crisis in purchasing power, AlloVoisins is committed to actively contributing to a circular and more sustainable consumption model.

The platform seeks to redistribute purchasing power to private individuals and self-employed entrepreneurs who provide services to registered users , nearly 5 million to date. Over the past decade, AlloVoisins has established itself as the leading marketplace for personal services. It has continually added new features for both private and professional users of the platform, while maintaining a free business model for over 99% of its members.

AlloVoisins aims to become a "mission-led company"; at the beginning of 2024. Its societal role will be included in its statutes, as well as a more pronounced Corporate Social Responsibility approach.