Assurances de l'Adour sold to SPVIE

SPVIE acquires the brokerage firm Assurances de l'Adour

After a finalized fundraising of 70 million euros with Essling expansion fund amid the covid-19 health crisis, the SPVIE Insurance group, in its desire to continue its development and external growth, has just completed the acquisition of the independent broker Assurances de l'Adour bringing the turnover of the new complex to around 50 million euros.

François Blot, founder of Assurances de l’Adour, reinvested the proceeds from the sale of his practice within SPVIE Assurances.

This entry into the group's capital positions him as 3rd partner alongside Jérémy Sebag and Cédric Pironneau, managers and co-founders of SPVIE Assurances.

By purchasing Assurances de l 'Adour, SPVIE Assurances has fused itself with a pioneer and specialist in "distance selling" in the individual health field, treating more than 160,000 annual leads and 15 years of experience. This alliance will make it possible to conquer new market shares in a competitive sector, to enhance this sales channel, and to share know-how with the 1,500 broker partners of SPVIE Assurances.

SPVIE Assurances' diversification strategy will lead them to continue collaborating with the main historical partners of Assour's Insurance by accelerating its production.

The managers of SPVIE Assurances and Assurances de l'Adour welcome this union sharing a common vision, that of continuing to better understand the methods and regulations of distance selling with the aim of distributing to consumers ever more suitable offers to meet their needs.