Beezik investment from Axcel Loisirs

Beezik, online music site, secures first-round financing

Financière Cambon assisted and advised Beezik on this fund-raising transaction with Axcel Loisirs France.

According to Jean-Christophe de Launay, CEO of Beezik : “Financière Cambon supported us through an early stage call for funds to help us put together the launch of Beezik, the first legal, free of charge website for downloading music, offering rewards for each download. In addition to making contact with all of the investment funds that were targeted, FC not only helped us to prepare for the road show but also assisted us throughout the process of negotiating with various funds. Thanks to their support, we were able to meet our objectives—both in terms of valuation and dilution—despite the particularly challenging economic environment. Beyond the purely professional sphere, their involvement and capacity to forge genuine relationships allowed us to establish a special bond.”