BK Consulting lbo with SG Capital Partners

BK Consulting welcomes SG Capital Partners to its capital

The BK Consulting Group is carrying out a primary Leverage Management Buy Out (LMBO) with Société Générale Capital Partenaires, which invests in the founders and key managers.

Founded in 2000 by Arnaud Febvre, BK Consulting Group is a Digital Services Company (ESN) specialising in consulting, application development and integration as well as business process outsourcing.

The Group, which has offices in Lille, Le Mans, Niort and Paris, as well as in Brussels and Luxembourg, currently employs more than 700 expert consultants, who are able to offer technical and functional solutions to the IS transformation challenges of their 70 major clients.

BK Consulting first built a solid reputation with key players in the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector on niche expertise related to the implementation of pricing engines and algorithms, and the deployment of software packages in trading rooms and payment systems. The Group then used this expertise to develop, organically and through acquisitions, a 360-degree offer of Project Management, Digital Technology and Operational Business Consulting services that could be deployed in all underlying sectors.

As a result, BK Consulting has experienced uninterrupted growth of 10% per annum on average since 2015 and is expected to reach nearly €80m in revenues in FY22. The Group has now reached a critical size and is a natural platform for market consolidation. The management wanted to open its capital to an investment fund to support the execution of its growth plan: to double in size organically and accelerate its external growth strategy.