Cafpi lbo with Blackfin

The French benchmark loan broker welcomes Blackfin to its capital

The French benchmark loan broker CAFPI, founded in 1971 by Elie Assouline, is obtaining the resources to continue its development with the arrival of an exclusive majority investor: BlackFin Capital Partners, the investment fund

In 2020, CAFPI undeniably strengthened its leadership position in the loan brokerage market despite the health crisis and is now acquiring the resources to move to a new level in its development via an exclusive agreement with a majority shareholder alongside management: the BlackFin Capital Partners investment fund

As a specialist in Fintech, insurance and brokerage, BlackFin Capital Partners has been the benchmark shareholder in several brokerage firms in the past. The investment fund’s current target is to boost growth at CAFPI, while strictly respecting the company’s DNA and its efficient teams.

This vision is shared by Elie Assouline, who founded CAFPI in 1971, and Maurice Assouline, who will remain Chairman of CAFPI and will retain shares in the company.

With the exclusive partnership with BlackFin, specialised in financial services, CAFPI aims to strengthen its ties with banking partners. For some time, the world leader in loan brokerage, has made continuous and efficient cooperation with financial institutions its watchword.

BlackFin will also support CAFPI in the optimisation and digitalisation of its customer relationship and in broadening its product offering. The target is to improve customer satisfaction, one of the fundamental pillars of CAFPI strategy, as it extended its range of services over the years, beyond its core business, mortgage brokerage.