Consort NT lbo with Naxicap Partners, Axa PE

Selective IT outsourcing specialist completes management buyout

Jason Guez, Chairman of the Management Board of Consort NT became the majority shareholder of the Consort Group. He was accompanied in the deal by the company’s key executives (including CEO Marc Adler).

“This deal achieves a dual aim: rally a team of shareholding managers around a shared mission and acquire the additional financial resources needed to executive an ambitious development plan that seeks to generate revenues of €100 million by the end of 2012,” noted Jason Guez. Together, the executive management team owns a 58% stake in the group. This transaction coincides with the company’s steady growth: revenues from existing businesses rose by more than 25% in 2007, reaching €49.4 million and providing operating profitability of 7.5%. “Consort NT is in an enviable position, with a fully developed facilities management offering that allows us to meet the needs of big clients and join the ranks of the select group of preferred partners for large account clients with nationwide reach,” commented Marc Adler, CEO.