Digital Prod lbo with Momentum Invest

The expert in the production of digital marketing content welcomes Momentum Invest in order to accelerate its development

Created in 2009, Digital Prod is a French frontrunner in the design, production and deployment of digital advertising content (digital banners, social networks,
websites, videos, crm ...) for major international advertisers, particularly in the luxury goods sector (more than 60% of turnover). Between 2014 and 2018, the group experienced an average annual growth of nearly + 25%.

The group should continue to benefit from the overall growth of the French digital advertising market, especially in the following sectors: social network advertisement (+ 63% growth in 2018), mobile advertisement (+ 58% growth in 2018) ) and video advertisement (+ 47% growth in 2018).

Digital Prod and Momentum Invest share a common ambition to accelerate the group's development, particularly in the luxury goods and mass market sectors.

Pierre le Tanneur, Tristan Parisot and Arthur Bureau add: "We would like to thank Régis Josephovitch, Judith Libeskind and their team for their trust. We are very happy to assist them in the execution of their development strategy. We sincerely appreciate the relationship we have built and the unique position of the group in its fast-growing market. "