Digital Prod sold to Ores

Premium digital content Agency, with both creation and production activities, joins Orès

The European Digital Group, a leading player in digital acceleration, has announced the integration of Digital Prod through its subsidiary ORÈS Group. The Digital Prod agency, which offers both the creation and production of premium digital content and recorded sales of over 14 million euros in 2022, will strengthen the Group's Digital Content offering on the eve of ORÈS' 10th anniversary.

Digital Prod will allow Orès Group to consolidate its expertise in campaign adaptation and transcreation, with the aim of helping advertisers optimize their digital content and international communication strategies. The agency works with major international clients such as Nespresso, L'Oréal, P&G and Clarins. 

With a revenue of nearly 15 million euros in 2022 and more than 50 employees, a subsidiary of 200 employees will be created with the arrival of Digital Prod within the ORÈS Group. Together, they aim to reach a revenue of 45 million euros by the end of 2023. This subsidiary is an integral part of EDG's Digital Content business unit, alongside the group's other business units: Marketing Performance, Data & AI, Cybersecurity & Technology, and Growth Enablers.

In line with this vision, ORÈS Group, with the support of the European Digital Group, has gradually developed a range of complementary, highly specialized centers of expertise, ready to meet new consumer behaviors and emerging expectations. These centers include Kindai (2022) for social media strategy, 140 Studio (2022) for snack content production, and Ores 3D (2018) for 3D creation.