Early Metrics investment from Pleiade & Raise

Early Metrics, the international startup rating agency, completes a round of financing

Early Metrics is the leading international rating agency for innovative startups and SMEs. Through the analysis of financial and non-financial criteria, Early Metrics measures the growth potential of young ventures.

Since its launch in 2014, Early Metrics has seen triple-digit annual growth, primarily self- funded. In four years, more than 2,400 startups have been rated on behalf of 280 clients The business has expanded internationally and now has offices in in France, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany.

François Poirier concludes on behalf of Pléiade: "We are very happy to become a shareholder in Early Metrics. We have recognized what we love, a profession of the future and a team that inspires trust and support in its customers “

Early Metrics opens up its capital to Pléiade, Raise ventures, Fimalac & CF Partners, represented by Rodolphe Carle, Babilou’s founder.

These new resources and associated support will enable Early Metrics to anchor its leading position in a growing market and expand its international reach in Europe and beyond. Lastly, this capital increase will make it possible to address new market segments.