Edjing investment from Entrepreneur Venture

Edjing secures a second-round financing with Entrepreneur Venture

Launched in 2012 on iOS, Edjing is the first social application dedicated to mixing on a mobile platform. Since Its release, the application has experienced exponential growth. Already accessible in more than 170 countries, Edjing has become the world reference for mixing with over a million downloads per month and around 10 million users. Currently available on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows, it is the first and only multiplatform track-mixing application on the market.

Edjing has been the recipient of numerous awards, such as "best application of the year" at the 2013 App Awards. As it continued gaining in popularity, the young French start-up caught the eye of American industry giants, notably Facebook (Web12, FacebookDeveloper.com), Amazon and Microsoft (Microsoft Build Conference in San Francisco), that did not hesitate to offer their support to the firm.

This operation will allow Edjing to expedite its international development. The North-American and Asian markets, respectively accounting for 27% and 16% of the application market in volume, are also a priority. In addition, the start-up will be able to diversify its offering and develop new verticals within the world of musical applications. Ultimately, Edjing will use this capital to recruit new talents and double its workforce by 2014.

Deezer Founder, Daniel Marhely states : "I am glad to provide support and participate in the success of Edjing. From my experience with Deezer and its offering, I can only be sensitive to this undertaking! I am convinced that Edjing will continue to be a benchmark for all fans of track-mixing mobile applications."