Fabernovel sold to EY Consulting

The reference in digital transformation and innovative services creation joins EY Consulting

EY Consulting announces that it has acquired Fabernovel, a leading provider of digital transformation and innovative services. Their ambition is to become the leader in convergence of digital and ecological transitions in Europe.

Through this strategic merger, EY Consulting and Fabernovel are strengthening their respective positions as leaders in strategic transformation and innovation consulting. Together, they will continue to work with large organisations and start-ups to promote more resilient business models that reconcile societal and environmental challenges with economic performance. The teams behind EY Consulting and Fabernovel are expanding their value proposition together to develop innovation at scale and make it a lever for differentiation and sustainable value creation for organisations. They draw on their multidisciplinary expertise, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to help their clients design, build, articulate and leverage three key competitive advantages in the new economy: vision (strategy, offering, business and operational.

Stronger due to recent investments, including the acquisitions of Greenwich Consulting, Bluestone Consulting, OC&C Strategy, Cognistreamer and Kalydia, which have enabled them to become the market leader in consulting in France, EY Consulting is carrying out a new large-scale operation with Fabernovel, the largest since its creation, a year after the establishment of EY's Europe West region. It allows the firm to operate collectively in many countries, from the French platform thus created. This merger also reinforces the innovation strategy that is at the heart of EY Consulting's development. Recently, 35 EY Lab centres dedicated to R&D have been opened around the world and a number of strategic alliances with major technology players such as SAP, IBM and Microsoft have been concluded.

To serve these strategic and operational ambitions, the merger of EY Consulting and Fabernovel will be accompanied - by the end of 2022 - by the creation of an open innovation space dedicated to sustainable and responsible digital technology. Located in Fabernovel's offices at rue Saint-Lazare in Paris, this space will be both a showcase of sustainable technologies and a place for cooperation between public and private organisations wishing to act now for a reasonable future.

Bringing together consultants, experts, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs, the EY Sustainability Lab will resolutely be conceived as a mechanism for the design of strategic transformation in the service of technological, environmental and economic transitions.