Sushi Shop lbo with Naxicap Partners

Leading French sushi chain, with 100 outlets, raises €32 million

Created in Paris in 1998, Sushi Shop developed on its own until 2006, and then began operating as a franchise, first nationwide in France and then internationally, in response to building demand that became massive as of 2005. Present today in 5 countries, the network is growing at a sustained pace. In 2008, it opened 15 new outlets; in 2009, it added 17; the increase was 23 in 2010; and 30 new outlets agreements have been signed so far in 2011. With 75 units at year-end 2011, the Group is today the European leader in its segment and seeks to be over 200 units in 2014.

Abroad, the brand got off to a successful start: 8 units end 2010 in Belgium, Luxembourg, and more recently in Spain and in Italy. Its product range features fresh items, combining original creations (spring rolls, tulips, etc.) and traditional elements of Japanese cuisine, prepared to order and sold daily under various formats: takeout, home delivery and on premise.

“This operation symbolizes the beginning of a long-term relationship between Sushi Shop and a strong and ambitious investment firm. The national and the international networks are now going to grow at a stronger pace.” said Gregory Marciano, Sushi Shop chief executive officer. “We are excited about the opportunity to move forward with an investor that has an in-depth understanding of our business and industry, and we will be tremendous partners as we continue to pursue our strategy.”

Naxicap Partners has been shortlisted at the end of a competitive process organized by Financiere Cambon between a dozen of European investing firms. “We are thrilled to be investing in such a fast-growing company in a booming sector” said Eric Aveillan, Executive Chairman of Naxicap Partners Management Board.