Greenworking sold to House of HR

Greenworking, a consultancy firm specialized in new ways of working, joins House of HR

French engineering and consulting group, Abylsen announced the takeover of the French company Greenworking, a consulting firm active in the ‘new ways of working’ market. The acquisition provides Abylsen with the opportunity to grow further in this highly specialized consultancy niche market.

The French engineering and technology consulting company, Abylsen, House of HR Group, announced today the acquisition of Greenworking. Greenworking is a consultancy firm specialized in new ways of working. Greenworking brings value in the field of teleworking, work-life balance, digital change and social responsibility. It is helping today’s companies to endorse tomorrow’s organizational models by accompanying them in their transformations.

In 2019, Greenworking reached a turnover of 5 million euros and a strong profitability given its strategic positioning. It was founded in 2010 and today has 50 consultants. Abylsen is acquiring the majority of the shares, the remaining held in the hands of the founders Olivier Brun and Cécilia Durieu and four managers.

Greenworking offers Abylsen the opportunity to further grow in this specialized niche consultancy market. In hard economic times, new ways of working are on the radar more than ever, making the take-over a future-proof investment. Companies are at the lookout for agility, flexibility and efficiency. By joining forces, Abylsen and Greenworking are expected to generate significant commercial, marketing and operational synergies, each of them benefitting by the strengths and best practices of the other.

CEO of Abylsen, Florian Massaux comments on the acquisition: “We aim at expanding our group by adding selected and strong competencies. Greenworking represents a significant opportunity to grow together and somehow to challenge Abylsen own mindset. We feel very proud and confident about our future synergies and what we will be able to achieve together. We are looking forward to bringing Greenworking’s knowledge and services to our customers”.