Groupe Leader Insurance lbo with Abenex

Abenex becomes the main shareholder in Groupe Leader Insurance

Groupe Leader Insurance announced the entry into its capital of Abénex, replacing LT Capital, alongside the founder, Mr Yoann Chery. Groupe Leader Insurance is an insurance broker based in Epône, Yvelines.

The Group is active in insurance broking in two areas: direct general insurance broking via a network of 25 branches throughout France, as well as a wholesale brokerage business serving mainly tradespeople, SMEs and very small companies, with a core historical business in building insurance. The Group, founded in 2003 and managed by Mr Yoann Chery, notably stands out thanks to its strong organic growth since it was created, in particular since the launch of its wholesale division in 2011.

The deal will enable a restructuring of the shareholder base, with the exit of the LT Capital investment fund, which has been supporting the Group since 2018, and the arrival, along side the founder, of Abénex and new shareholder Managers. The deal will also provide access to additional financial resources to support the Group’s strong growth and provide it with the means to seize acquisition opportunities.

“With the arrival of Abénex as a shareholder, we will have the means to step up our growth and to continue to strengthen our business. The deal is part of an ambitious plan to make Groupe Leader Insurance the benchmark player in professional risk management for SMEs and very small companies, while at the same time launching new offerings as a wholesale insurer”, noted Yoann Chery, CEO and founder.