Harmonie sold to Pr0ph3cy

Expert in strategic cyber consulting and solutions integration joins the Pr0ph3cy group to create the 1st European Pure Player in Cyber

The cybersecurity group Pr0ph3cy, made up of the consulting companies Silicom and OpenCyber as well as the online training platform Seela, has announced the integration of the companyy Harmonie Technologie, an expert in cyber strategic consulting and solutions integration. This strategic merger affirms the groups ambition to become one of the leading cyber pure players in Europe.

Founded in 2005 by David Sportes and Xavier de Korsak, Harmonie Technologie has 150 employees who support major accounts in CAC40, SBF120 and Middle Market companies that are leaders in their sectors in the development and implementation of their cybersecurity strategy. A real asset for Pr0ph3cy, Harmonie Technologie provides complementary expertise in order to offer a 360° service: strategic cyber consultancy, integration of solutions and infrastructures, audit and intrusion testing, security products, training and cyber training.

Pr0ph3cy and the companies in the group have been accelerating the development of French cybersecurity for over 40 years, with the aim of creating a player capable of applying cybersecurity to the entire visible spectrum: protection, resilience and defence. With this new operation, the group strengthens its leadership position and shows its ambitions. The focus is:

  • To become a key player in the European and North American market
  • Through the Seela platform, become the leading group in terms of training and certification in cyber expertise
  • Deploy an MSSP offer at group level
  • Promote intrapreneurship and give access to Pr0ph3cy's shareholding
  • Reduce and offset 100% of the group's CO2 emissions.

The transaction was supported by IK Partners, a financial shareholder alongside Arthur Bataille since October 2021, and financed by the implementation of an ad hoc financing by Eurazeo Private Debt.