HB Aesthetics lbo with Amethis Europe Expansion

The cosmetics group operates its first LBO with Amethis Europe Expansion to accelerate its growth and pursue its international development.

Founded in 2014 by Raphael Chauchard-Rios, HBA is a growth company which designs and distributes technical and high-end dermocosmetic products, primarily aimed at a professional clientele (dermatologists, beauty clinics, beauty institutes and spas).

Based in Vilafant, in the heart of the spanish cosmetic valley, and thanks to an in-house R&D structure, its own production capacities and training center, the company commercializes its products through two brands:

- Fusion Meso, a brand offering a complete product range of sterile serums that can be used with different devices (micro-needling, electroporation, microcurrent, ultrasounds, etc.) exclusively sold to beauty professionals (dermatologists, doctors, beauticians), and skincare creams based on active ingredients derived from aesthetic medicine, sold by professionals online and in specialized networks.

- Ekseption, a brand whose products are based on the properties of natural organic acids such as BHA, AHA, PHA and designed to restore the skin's natural pH and optimize its regeneration. A complete range of peels for professionals and skincare creams to use before and after treatments sold by professionals, online, and in pharmacies in certain countries.

HBA products are distributed in over 60 countries, with exports accounting for over 95% of the company's sales, mainly in Southeast Asia, in the Middle East and in Europe.

Under the leadership of Raphael Chauchard-Rios and his team, HBA is embarking on a new phase of growth, backed by the strategic and financial support of its shareholder Amethis, via its Amethis Europe Expansion fund.

The company intends to accelerate its development by diversifying its international distribution channels, particularly in the emerging countries of Africa and in the Middle East, while continuing to penetrate the Asian, European and North American markets, with the support of Amethis. At the same time, HBA is building a new industrial site of almost 4,500 m2, five times larger than the previous one, in order to absorb future growth.