Hosman investment from LBO France, Waterstart & UL Invest

The new-generation estate agent is opting for a series A round of fund-raising to step up the real estate revolution in France

Hosman, the new-gen, fixed-price estate has announced a €6m fundraising round led by LBO France together with Waterstart, UL Invest and former Axel Springer Digital CEO, Andreas Wiele. This latest round of financing will enable it to continue its exponential growth by offering its services at fixed prices throughout France.

By combining the best of human expertise with the efficiency of digital tools developed in-house, Hosman has succeeded in becoming the leader in new-gen real estate agencies. Just three years since it was created, the start-up has been mandated to sell over 3,000 properties (i.e. a saving on agency fees estimated at €55m) and has cornered more than 2% of the market in Paris and the Inner Rim. Over 300 clients a month now choose it to sell their property.

Thanks to the group’s organisation and digital technology, Hosman experts can focus on their core business: advising and negotiating. This means its agents can make 8 to 10 sales a month compared to 5 to 8 sales per year for a traditional agent. The start-up intends to capture 10% of the real estate transaction market by 2024.

Its success is largely thanks to the quality of service, innovation, technology and operational excellence that Hosman provides to its clients. This is reflected in very high customer satisfaction in a sector that is often criticized and in growth that is based mainly on referral from former customers.

This new round of financing will enable Hosman, which is already operating in Ile-de-France, Nantes and Bordeaux, to expand into France's largest cities - such as Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice and Lille - to offer its 5-star fixed-price service and continue innovating on behalf of both buyers and sellers. It will bolster its workforce with the recruitment of around 100 permanent employees over the next twelve months.