INDY investment from Blackfin Capital Partners, Ixo & La Maison

The Lyon-based start-up that helps tens of thousands of self-employed people simplify their accounting tasks raises €40 million

Founded by Adrien Plat, Côme Fouques, Romain Koenig and Pablo Larvor, the French company was set up in 2016 to automate accounting for the liberal professions (doctors, lawyers, freelancers, etc.). But its core target is now the self-employed. According to INSEE, more than 500,000 new businesses were created in 2022, so the number of self-employed people is rapidly increasing.

This trend is set to continue, especially given the latest changes in the world of work (remote working, self-employment, multi-activity, etc.) To tackle the lack of an all-in-one solution to address their needs, Indy (formerly has developed a platform to enable entrepreneurs to set up their business and manage it on a day-to-day basis (automated accounting, estimates, bank synchronisation, document centralisation, expense reports, payslips, etc.) and to file their social security and tax returns. Despite the continuing economic downturn, the company intends to continue capitalising on the surge in the number of self-employed in France to boost its growth.

With this in mind, the Lyon-based start-up is today announcing a new €40 million Series C financing round. On this occasion, BlackFin Capital Partners, La Maison and iXO are also acquiring a stake in the company. This deal brings the total funds raised by the company since its inception to €86 million. This includes the €35 million Series B deal that Indy closed in January 2021 with Singular, Alven and Kerala Ventures. To support 1 million self-employed people by 2027, Indy will be adapted so that it can be used by everyone. Following the 2023 launch of offers for property holding companies (SCI), retailers and non-trading companies (SCM), Indy will be launching a specially adapted version for micro-businesses in January.