Keyrus Hosting Services sold to ITS Integra

Keyrus’ SaaS hosting subsidiary sold to ITS Group

Having been launched by Keyrus as part of its " Web Agency " business, the hosting services business had been extensively modernized by the Keyrus Group in 2009 so as to allow it to offer, as early as the beginning of 2010, a new generation of "Cloud" infrastructure, based on virtualization technologies and capable of enabling the deployment of new services of the Software as a Service" and "Infrastructure as a Service" type. This development had allowed the group to feature amongst the first service players to offer, and master, this type of hosted services for the entirety of its business lines: e-Business, Business Intelligence, ERP/CRM for the Mid-Market.

The specialists of IT Infrastructure having extensively developed their proposed services in the field of these now-mature technologies, Keyrus is today choosing to concentrate its financial and managerial resources on its business of Consulting and integrating performance management solutions and to transfer its infrastructure-on-demand services to a specialist, which at the same time becomes its strategic partner in this field.

When looking for alternatives for this project, it quickly became apparent that the best solution, as much for the continuity of the activities of ‘’Keyrus Hosting Services’’ and quality of service to its clients as for the operational and financial interests of Keyrus, was that proposed by ITS Integra, notably due to the strong technical synergies between the services offered and the complementary nature of the client base.

Eric Cohen, Founder & CEO of the Keyrus Group, comments : " After an initial stage of purely organic development of new "Cloud" mode services : Business Intelligence, Search, Collaborative and ERP/CRM, and given the investment necessary to achieve rapid growth in this segment and reach a critical mass, it appeared to us to be more sensible to sell off this business to a player which is specialized, and recognized, in this field and to enter into a strategic partnership with them which allows us to continue offering our application solutions in hosted mode. In this regard, ITS Group seems to us to be the ideal partner and the initial services proposals that we have build together are a real success. "