Klee Group lbo with MBO&CO

Klee Group welcomes MBo&Co to its capital

Klee Group is preparing for a new phase of growth in its Service division with the support of MBO&Co and the involvement of key managers.

Founded in 1987 by three friends who had graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, Klee Group has developed a Service division, consisting of Klee Consulting & Integration and Klee Performance, which has expanded steadily with an average annual growth rate of 17% over the past three years.

The success of the Service division stems primarily from the commitment of its teams, their skills and, more broadly, from the "Klee culture" of ambition, collaborative spirit, kindness and a good measure of conviviality, all of which are reflected in its commitment to its customers and constant innovation in its solutions and methods.

This formula has won over a clientele seeking trustworthiness, expertise, drive and efficiency to meet the challenges of their digital transformation. To take the company to a new level, by furthering the involvement of the men and women behind the company's strength, the founders opened up the division's capital to its management team.

Consequently, its dynamic, cohesive and robust team is more motivated than ever to serve its clients, particularly in the public sector, as well as the transport and energy industries, who face considerable digital challenges. The resulting strategic plan is expected to more than double the Service Division’s sales by 2026 through organic growth alone. This plan may also include targeted acquisitions, with the potential to accelerate innovation.