La Belle Vie investment from VC Left Lane Capital, Quadrille Capital, Capagro & FJ Labs

France's leading dark store raises €25 million in new round to expand its offering throughout France

La Belle Vie, France's largest grocery shopping and fresh food delivery service, raises €25 million in Series B round - led by Left Lane and Quadrille Capital, totaling more than €42 million since its inception. Funds and investors from previous rounds, including Capagro, are also participating in this round, underscoring their trust in the company.

Founded in 2015 by Paul Lê and Alban Wienkoop, La Belle Vie has built its success and growth on a selection of fresh and everyday products, which was at the time completely unprecedented in this sector. The French leader in grocery delivery offers more than 17,000 products, including 4,000 fresh products, delivered between 1 and 3 hours throughout the Paris Area. This fit has been made possible by its proprietary supply chain solution, its partnership with Système U and its seven Parisian warehouses.

Thanks to the profitability of its model, La Belle Vie already has 500 employees and makes more than 15,000 deliveries a week.

La Belle Vie has completed a first round of €5.5 million in 2018 and then a second of €11.6 million in 2020. It is now carrying out a new round with two funds with international scope: Quadrille Capital and Left lane, both specialized in technology investments in the United States, Europe and China.