Latitude investment from Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Expansion, Bpifrance, & Kima Ventures

The Spacetech pioneer in the design and development of light space launchers raises €27 million in a Series B fundraising to speed up its growth

French aerospace company Latitude announces a new €27 million fundraising round, bringing the company's total funding to nearly €50 million. Latitude, the designer of the French Zephyr rocket whose first launch is scheduled for 2025, continues to expand. This €27 million financing is being provided by Latitude’s existing investors (Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Expansion, Bpifrance through the Deep Tech 2030 fund managed on behalf of the French government as part of France 2030, and UI Investissement), as well as, which is acquiring a stake in Latitude. They are also joined by
Kima Ventures and individual investors.

This funding will lay the operational and industrial foundations for the first launch, scheduled for 2025, and enable the company to continue the development of Zephyr. From 2028, the light launcher will have a payload capacity of 200 kg. Thanks to this new fundraising round, the company will be able to:
- Produce the first launcher
- Set up the assembly line
- Test electronic, propulsive, fluid and structural systems
- Operate the test centre
- Recruit new talent