The leading omnichannel communication and marketing platform for healthcare professionals joins forces with MBO & Co to accelerate its development

Founded in 1984, the LEN Médical | Axis Santé group is a leading omnichannel platform for communication and marketing to healthcare professionals. Since its creation, the group's ambition has been to contribute to the medical education of private and hospital-based specialists and to support its partners in the pharmaceutical industry in their communication strategy with healthcare professionals.

As a historical publisher of medical content on traditional media (press and congresses), the group has been a pioneer in the digitalisation and virtualisation of the profession by developing recognised expertise in creation, audio-visual production, and digital distribution of medical content to healthcare professionals. LEN Médical | Axis Santé is developing in a strong dynamic, particularly in the digital segment which today represents more than 70% of its activity and has made the necessary investments to support its clients in their growth, notably through the creation of its 3rd studio, 444, a space dedicated to new hybrid formats.

MBO & Co's majority investment marks an important step in the growth project led by Stéphane Elghozi (CEO of LEN Médical | Axis Santé) and the management team, who wish to continue to structure the group to accelerate its development by entering new therapeutic areas and expanding its service offering for healthcare professionals.