Magnolia lbo with Qualium Investissement

The leading credit insurance brokers welcomes Qualium Investissement to accelerate its development

Under the leadership of its manager, Gerald Loobuyck, Magnolia has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to its independence from banks and credit brokers, a broad and competitive insurance offer comprising both proprietary and third-party products, a leading digital positioning and a strong advisory culture. In 2018, Magnolia became the leading independent distributor of loan insurance in France.

The Group first established itself in the B2C sector with its website, which has now become one of the references in the market, allowing individuals to compare online, select and then subscribe to competitive loan insurance contracts adapted to their needs. Thanks to its business know-how and state of the art digital and technological tools, Magnolia has also developed an innovative, simple and free pricing and underwriting tool - Simulassur - exclusively dedicated to brokers and wealth management advisors. This B2B deployment was accelerated in 2017 with Elois Assurance’s acquisition. Simulassur is now used by nearly 3,000 professionals in France.

The group's business has grown strongly in recent years (average annual growth of 32% over the period 2015-18), driven by new customers’ acquisition and a growing insurance contracts’ portfolio due to the company’s high retention of long-term contracts. 

Magnolia was able to take advantage of a favourable context characterized by a dynamic real estate credit market and various regulatory changes (Hamon, Bourquin) aimed at opening the market to competition.

Qualium Investissement's equity investment will provide Magnolia with new resources to support its organic growth momentum, pursue its selective external growth strategy and strengthen its organization.

Based in Mont-Saint-Aignan near Rouen, the company has 81 employees and nearly 200,000 policyholders, representing a premium volume of €60m.