Mentorshow investment from Educapital, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Left Lane, All Iron Ventures & FJ Labs

The online learning and training platform consolidates its position as European leader with a €15 million round of financing

Mentorshow announced that it has finalized a new round of financing of €15 million with Educapital, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, a pool of renowned business angels, as well as existing investors, including Left Lane Capital.

This new transaction brings the total amount of funds raised by Mentorshow since its creation 2 years ago to nearly €20M. It will provide the EdTech company with the necessary resources to consolidate its product, diversify its offerings and accelerate its international deployment.
The world of education is constantly evolving. Lifestyles are changing and everyone is free to design their own personal and professional path. Digital learning accompanies this trend and opens up the field of possibilities by allowing everyone to become autonomous in their learning by choosing their own themes and times.
It is in this context that Mathieu Moreno and Léo Dubert launched Mentorshow in 2020. Their objective: to reinvent the codes of the sector in Europe by offering online training courses given by experts in their field, to offer the possibility of developing one's professional and human skills, via high-end content and using the codes of cinema.

Two years after its creation, Mentorshow has been a real success with both mentors and learners. Today, the platform brings together nearly 50 world-renowned mentors, including Karim Benzema, Boris Cyrulnik, Pierre Gagnaire, Christophe André, Pierre Hermé, Frédéric Mazzella and Marc Lévy.
Its masterclasses, which cover fields as varied as sports, cooking, management, well-being and leadership, have already attracted over 500,000 people in France and Spain. They are also highly acclaimed by users, as the platform has obtained a satisfaction score of 4.7/5 out of several thousand testimonials.

After having multiplied its ARR by 6 in one year, Mentorshow has just finalized a €15M fundraising with Educapital, the reference EdTech fund in Europe, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, one of the biggest players in venture capital in France, the Spanish fund All Iron, several renowned business angels including Laurent Ritter (Voodoo), Paul Lê (La Belle Vie) and Romain Raffard (Bergamotte), as well as the historical investors Left Lane and FJLabs. This round of financing will allow MentorShow to continue and accelerate its growth trajectory.