MERCATO DE L'EMPLOI investment from RING CAPITAL & iXO Private Equity

Le Mercato de l'Emploi raises €8 million from Ring Capital and Ixo Private Equity

Jenny GAULTIER (HR expert) and Julien BADR ("serial entrepreneur") created in 2017, Le MERCATO DE L'EMPLOI: a national network of independent recruiters to assist companies, of all sizes, in both local and national recruitment.

Based in Cognac, the company has gradually built a "phygital" network of 200 independent recruiters, active throughout France. From Paris to Perpignan, via Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe, its recruiters have chosen to work as entrepreneurs within a community of freelancers, backed by their professional experience, their "knowledge of the field", and their multi-sectoral expertise. As a "company with a mission", Mercato consultants use a recruitment approach focused on soft skills (know-how, human qualities, leadership skills, teamwork, etc.), and the personality of candidates. To do this, Mercato provides each of its members with training on the theme of "Supporting companies in their recruitment". This training will be certified by France Compétences and Qualiopi in 2021.

To further accelerate its digitalisation and increase the network's digital power, MERCATO DE L'EMPLOI has called on two funds convinced of the sustainability of its business model in the context of a profoundly changing employment market. Firstly, RING Capital, a fund that invests mainly in companies with a social and environmental impact. The company has already invested in LiveMentor, YouSchool and LeHibou on the theme of employment. The second fund, IXO Private Equity, a leading regional private equity firm, also invested in Mercato because of its local roots and its knowledge of the entrepreneurial environment of the various regions of France. Finally, Roland TRIPARD, who successfully managed SeLoger then IAD, and now also becomes a shareholder in Mercato. By joining the board of directors, he will share his recognised expertise in the development of a network of independents.

Le Mercato wishes to reinforce its position as a key player in the recruitment industry by boosting its presence in the country, as well as structuring its activity even more and by strengthening its digital offering. This will be done by creating a super SAAS platform where recruiters, companies and candidates will be able to follow the recruitment process with collaborative tools, a dedicated CRM for each, and the use of artificial intelligence to better match job offers and demands. The aim is to contribute to making the labour market ever more fluid.