MonFinancier sold to Groupe Meilleurtaux

The omnichannel specialist in financial investment advice enables the Meilleurtaux Group to strenghten its position in the savings market

The new generation adviser Monfinancier, expert in placements and financial investments, joins the Meilleurtaux Group, the French leader in real estate and insurance brokerage.

This structuring operation makes it possible to combine the know-how and expertise of these two French intermediation specialists.

The Meilleurtaux Group thus diversifies its offering by proposing a complete range of investment and placement products and services, independently selected among the best performing, and promoted by rich editorial content (articles, newsletters, conferences ...).

MonFinancier offers its community (customers and subscribers) access to a wide range of complementary credit and insurance products and services, while expanding its potential customer base.

Founded in 2006, MonFinancier advises savings and investment solutions to individual clients. Based in particular on a range of labelled life insurance contracts and a selection of SCPI, MonFinancier attracted more than 12,000 customers who entrusted it with 700 million euros in savings at the end of April 2019. is today the leader in credit comparison on the Internet and in agencies. The Group has a significant activity as a comparator and broker on a full range of financial products (borrower insurance, property and casualty insurance, professional financing, loan consolidation, bank rate comparison).

« The choice of MonFinancier was motivated by several factors, including a shared belief in the complementarity between the digital world and physical agencies; as is the importance of a diverse range of high-performance products with several insurers and financial partners. offers particularly attractive offers, especially in life insurance and SCPI, and finally a remarkable ability to animate a community of subscribers on economic and heritage topics, "says Hervé Hatt, president of Groupe Meilleurtaux.»

« MonFinancier has grown dramatically, and we want to go further, faster» explain Marc Fiorentino and Yannick Hamon, co-founders of MonFinancier. «Partnering with Meilleurtaux allows us to offer the MonFinancier community the full range of credit services, but I've been convinced for a long time that credit has become an essential part of investing, and to expand the community of MonFinancier significantly by offering our investment advisory services to Groupe Meilleurtaux clients » Yannick Hamon, founder and CEO of MonFinancier SA.