DCI lbo with Naxicap Partners

Naxicap takes over from LBO France and Capzanine in the tertiary LBO of DCI, integrator for IT infrastructure solutions

Founded in 1992, DCI is a leader in IT integration which currently offers a broad range of IT infrastructure solutions for major companies and institutions and a mid-market clientele. The company provides four types of solutions: Security and Compliance; Unified Communication; Networks & Performance; and Data Centers & Virtualization. DCI‘s diversified and innovative technologies, strong partnerships with software publishers and hardware companies, and high quality service have earned it an excellent reputation.

Part of the management team that recently joined the group participated in this majority LBO, including Fabrice Tusseau, who became the company’s CEO in 2011 and then its chairman in 2014 and who has increased his stake. Invested in DCI since May 2011, LBO France and Capzanine are liquidating their stakes.

Fabrice Tusseau, DCI’s Chairman: "After five years of fruitful collaboration with LBO France and Capzanine, we were able to rapidly come to an agreement with NAXICAP Partners. We were particularly impressed by their confidence and enthusiasm in supporting DCI‘s growth, which will include acquisitions."

Laurent Chouteau, Associate Director at NAXICAP Partners: "We like DCI’s positioning in its market, its strength in marketing and sales and the quality of its management. NAXICAP Partners will stand ready to help DCI leverage the many growth drivers that are currently available. In particular, we look forward to helping management make acquisitions that will increase its footprint and complement the group’s technological expertise, both of which are key differentiators for clients."